Task 1


what the task is?

Provide a detailed overview of my industry; identifying the specifics areas of the gaming industry and how my project fits into it.

why I am doing it?

To gain a better understanding on where my project fits within the gaming industry.

what I am going to be doing

I’m going to be creating two separate infographics; one explaining the structure of gaming industry and one explaining how my project fits into the gaming industry. I will be looking at various companies that still use pixel art in their games and how they use them.

why it is relevant

It helps me gain a deeper understanding on why pixel art is so important in today’s gaming industry and how mine can fit in.





Doing these infographic’s really broadened my knowledge on how pixel art sits in today’s gaming industry. Doing this research also made me realise whether my project is indie or AAA, as the work I’m producing is for a AAA game, my work is AAA quality.


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Task 2



For this project I will need access to…

Consumables (i.e. Stationery)

Drawing Pencils – I will need this to be able to sketch when it comes to creating my sprite, so I have a good idea on what to make when I move over to PhotoShop. A pack of sketching pencils can be bought for £4.99 at WHSmith.

Graph paper – Instead of using normal white paper, I chose to use graph paper when sketching for my sprite, the squares make it a lot easier when it comes to drawing pixel art. Buying a pad of graph paper starts at £2.49 and increases depending on the size of the paper. My current college has some available for students to use.

Technology (Recording Equipment, Computers, Peripherals)

Graphics tablet – Using a graphics tablet can be extremely useful whilst creating work on my sprite and provide better control over a mouse. To buy a Wacom graphics tablet, it will cost you £54.99 but the college has some available to borrow.

Scanner – I will need to use a scanner to move any physical drawings I do onto a computer, so when it comes to me making anything in Photoshop it makes it easier. Buying scanners can range in prices, the cheapest starting at £49.98, however my college has one for all students to use in the library.

PC – My home PC is where all of my college work is conducted outside of college, which would mean it needs to be able to run all of the programs I need to use for this project. The specifications of my PC are more than capable of running any program for this project, so doing work from home should be no problem.

Software (General software and Specific software)

Internet Browser – Most of this project will consist of me using Google Chrome, as it is extremely effective when conducting research, as well as being reliable and fast. Running Chrome does not require a lot to run only; Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or later and An Intel Pentium 4 processor or later that’s SSE2 capable. Downloading Google Chrome and Internet Explorer is completely free of charge.

Photoshop – One software I will be using through this project will be Photoshop, to create my sprite. I will need access to a computer that is capable of running Photoshop. It will need these requirements:


I am able to use this program from home since my PC is capable of running Photoshop. To use Photoshop, you will need to have a license to use it. When I’m at college I can Photoshop for free as my college has a license but if I would want to use it at home I would need to purchase a license, prices start at £16.44 a month for me as I am a student.

Microsoft Word – The reason I need access to Word, is to do any of my research work,before moving it into WordPress. Using word is free for me as a student since I can use word via my college email. Word also has very little requirements for a PC; SSE2, 1 GB RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit), 3 GB HD, Windows 7 or later (Microsoft, 2017) as well as a functioning processor. Word is completely accessible for me, since I can use it when I’m at college or when I’m at home as I have a student license.


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Task 3

Detailed analysis of target audiences

Since the game I’m making my sprite for is not well known, my audience will most likely be niche, however it is part of the retro and 2D art genre, which has it’s own audience. Considering my is the work of a AAA company they will have a fan-base which could attract people towards my work.

Profile 1 – Michael Scarn

  • Age – 28
  • Gender – Male
  • Occupation – Pixel game artist
  • Salary – £50,000
  • Education – BA in Games Design
  • Hobbies – PC gaming, Pixel art, Horology, Coding
  • Dislikes – Virtual reality, Call of Duty, Metal Music
  • Favourite Games –  Portal 2, Hearthstone, Super meat boy
  • Personality – Relaxed, Well-mannered, immersed

Profile 2 – Indy Evans

  • Age – 29
  • Gender – Female
  • Occupation – Pixel Artist Freelancer
  • Salary – £20,000+
  • Education – BSc in Computer Games Design And Programming
  • Hobbies – Console Gaming, Reading, Concept Art
  • Dislikes – FPS games, Sport activities, Cliche games
  • Favourite Games – Battlefield 1, Skyrim, Evoland
  • Personality – Outgoing, Energetic, Dedicated


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Task 4

Research relevant job roles specifically related to your work on your project.

2D Animator

  • Qualifications – animation, film or illustration degree.
  • Skills –  self motivated, being able to work in a team and independently.
  • Experience – Having past experience working with 2D animation, 1 year minimum.
  • Knowledge –  Computer literate, Knowledge in animation and acting skills, have knowledge of the requirements of the relevant health and safety legislation and procedures
  • Personal attributes – good time management, being able to follow deadlines, good imagination.
  • Existing Practitioners –

Graphic designer

  • Qualifications – a degree or HND in 3D design, communication design, graphic design
  • Skills – passion and enthusiasm for design, with a creative flair, being able to work in a team, presentation skills.
  • Experience – Having done a internship or placement can be extremely useful, also having a professional looking portfolio.
  • Knowledge – design, being able to use industry software.
  • Personal attributes – Good social skills, Being able to take criticism and use it to improve your work.
  • Existing Practitioners – write a short bio, show some of their work and how they have inspired graphic design (include a picture)

Games Designer

  • Qualifications – Qualifications are not necessary, although most people in the industry are graduates from Games development or creative computing.
  • Skills – Have advance knowledge of 2D and 3D graphucs and animation packages, such as 3DS max, NUKE and Maya. Have some programming skills to a “scripting” level.
  • Experience – Having completed past game projects or a games design documents and proposals.
  • Knowledge – Knowing about various gaming platforms and different technologies.
  • Personal Attributes – Being able to showcase your work visually, taking constructive feedback and using it to improve your future work.
  • Existing Practitioners – Alan Kertz


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Task 5

Identify and explain the legal requirements of the project.

The plan for my project is to create a sprite for a fighting game called Psychic Force. The legal requirements for this project would be to make sure I don’t breach any copyright laws, and to make sure my own work is copyrighted to prevent other people from stealing it.

Identify paperwork you will need to produce

As I’m creating artistic work, the only requirements for me to copyright my work are; to include the copyright symbol  (©), my name and the year I created it.

Explain how copyright law is relevant to you, your work and the work of others in the context of your project:

As I am a student I’m protected under the student copyright law, which lets me use books, photography, music, etc. However any work I produce legally belongs to the college I’m studying at. Copyright exists for the reason that nobody can steal work created by others and use it as their own, as someone who is doing character design this is really important to me as I don’t want any of my work to be stolen.

Use of trademarks

A trademark can be classed as letters, words, slogan, symbol and other devices, that represents a company or product.

Use of music

As my final project is designing a sprite I don’t have any use for music in my project. If I did, I would need to get license/ permission to use it if it belonged to anyone.

Use of intellectual property

Intellectual property is something unique that has been physically created. The intellectual property created would be protected under the copyright law where you would need permission to use the work as well as claim that is isn’t your work.

Health and Safety

My work space is mostly at a computer desk so the risks for that would be, loose wires and cables, overloaded plugs, etc. To minimise the risks of these I would; organise the wires and tape any loose cables down, and make sure the plugs are evenly spread out.



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