-Design the characters from a PlayStation 1 game called Psychic Force, in a pixel art style.

-Make a single trailer using the films from an entire trilogy.

-Create a Minecraft texture pack in 16×16 pixel art style.

Idea 1

My first idea is wanting to create all the characters from a PlayStation 1 fighting game called Psychic Force. I would like to be able to create all of the characters in a pixel art style and a level for it as well.

Why do I want to make this? I am a big fan of retro games, and what I have learnt from being on this course is that I love to do pixel art and create to be able to create it on one of my favourite games would be great.

The reason this is important to me is because it was one of the first games I remember playing, and was a big part of my childhood and made me have a passion for other fighting games; such as Mortal Kombat, Injustice and Super Smash Bros, so for me to create art based off this game would be an enjoyable task for me as well develop my skills in pixel art.

This project will be done mostly in Photoshop (excluding research), as it will be based around me creating Photoshop. I will be using past experience in pixel art and using them in this project when creating the characters.

My target audience for this would mostly be fans of retro games as Psychic Force is not that popular and not known among a lot of people, although I do hope this grabs the attention of other pixel artists and retro game fans.

Research for this task will mostly be looking at the work of other pixel art artists, as well as looking at other fighting games from the 90s to get a better understanding of creating pixel art of characters.

Idea 2

For my second idea I would want to create a single film trailer using the films form an entire trilogy such as; Star wars, Lord of the rings or even The dark knight series.

As much as I like to game and produce certain art, I also like to do some video editing and some sound work and creating a trailer uses both of them skills.

I have always watched films whilst growing up, they have always been a big part of who I am and what I believe in. The star wars franchise has created a generation of sci-fi loving geeks, and to be able to work on making a trailer would be great, as well as advance my skills in video editing and sound work.

Video editing skills and sound work would be key when making a trailer, as you would need to use clips from the films and if I wanted a soundtrack in the background that would be sound work.

My target audience for this would be 12+ since the films I chose all have that film rating so it is appropriate.

Research for this would consist of; watching other film trailers, some research into film making and advertising. All of these things would be extremely useful when trying to create a trailer.

Idea 3

My final idea is completely based around pixel art, as I want to create an entire texture pack for the game Minecraft.

As I previously stated, I really enjoy doing pixel art and it has been the most enjoyable thing I have done since I joined this course. I am also a fan of the game Minecraft so I would enjoy this project throughout.

Since this is based around pixel art and a game that I have been playing for years, I feel like it is important to me because I do enjoy creating pixel art and playing Minecraft.

As much as I would be using research skills, I will also be using my pixel art skills a huge amount as well.

If I did manage to make a complete texture pack I would release it and hope that other Minecraft fans would use it and enjoy, as well as give me some feedback for me to improve it in the future.

A lot of this would be primary research; like if I had to create a grass block I would go out and observe some grass, this applies to tree’s, water, animals etc.