Week 6

Promotional material


We was given the task of making a Top trump style poster for the protagonist of our game, as the work around our classroom need a little “refresh” and was some content for our games expo. It need to include a biography of our protagonist who was Marie Curie and some key facts along with some of our pixel art of her.


Marie Curie was an accomplished French physicist scientist mathematician. She studied at Sorbonne and was the first female teacher there, earning two Nobel prizes and discovering two radiation types. As a pioneer in the field with the elements Radium and Polonium, she was a significant figure in the development of x-ray technology. Her death came from her research after she developed leukaemia from her exposure to these elements.


Before starting this task, I needed to do some research on promotional material and top trumps to get an idea of how to have mine. Something that is noticeable about these, is that the colours used work very well together.



Firstly I went onto adobe kuler and looked for a good colour scheme to use for my top trump.



With Photoshop I created an A5 template, then creating a 100 pixel border all around and added rounded corners to it all.


I then added 2 rectangles with drop shadows. Picking a font was a bit of a challenge since it had to relevant to the timeline and work in a small size. I was think comic-sans but I decided to use Script MT Bold Regular as it was more professional and suited the timeline.


This was the end result of my top trump, i’m fairly happy with how it turned out as it included my pixel version and the original.


Charisse Tacang. (2013) Promotional Posters. [Online] Available at: https://www.behance.net/gallery/10506307/Promotional-Posters [Accessed Feb 2017]


Game Design Document 

This is the summary document detailing the projects end result game and all features involved.

Game Overview

My game is around the surrounding area of Paris and is based around Marie Curie being in the centre of the battlefield delivering x-ray equipment.

The Objective

The goal to complete this game is to get the x-ray equipment and bring it back to your med-kit.

Rules and Mechanics

  • Movement / Controls: The controls in my game are pretty basic; they consist of left, right and jump using the WAD keys. You also have a projectile which can be used by using the left arrow key and right arrow key.
  • Enemies: There are two enemies in my game, both have the same design and mechanics which is a simple projectile timed to shoot every two seconds that deals one damage.
  • Obstacles: The only obstacles in the game are the platforms you jump on to get to the x-ray equipment.
  • Lives / Health: The player has three lives which decreases by one each time you are hit by an enemy projectile. When you have zero life’s you are taking to the death screen and forced to restart the game.
  • Collectibles / Items: There is only one thing you need to collect which is the x-ray equip which you then take back to the med-kit.

Visual Style

The art style mostly fits the retro pixel art style, the platforms are 16×8 and most of the sprites are 16×16 or smaller. The platform, the soldiers and background are all bright, I feel like doing this keeps the attention of the play at all times whilst playing.

Sound / Music

There are only three different sounds in my game, which are the jumping sound, the projectile sound and the background music. The background music I used is fast paced which builds up over time, making the player feel more immersed in the game. The projectile sound is used when the player uses their projectile and does a high pitched sound.


The audience of my game falls into younger adults with an intelligent interest for history as well as an interest for retro video games and overcoming a challenge.