Reflection on the Timeline

What I have learnt so far.png

This was the first task for our FMP, we had to give a reflection on all the programs and tools we have used since the start of the course. In this Timeline I go over each program saying why I used it and what it was used for.

What we did

We had to create a timeline on Piktochart or Photoshop showing all the programs we have worked on since the start of the course and we to reflect on each of them. We went over the tools used in each program such a Photoshop and Game-Maker to help refresh us on each program.

Why we did it 

We did to refresh our memories on all the programs and tools we have used.

How can it affect our decision for our FMP

Going over these programs has defiantly affected my decision for what I want to do for my FMP. I will likely go with using Game-Maker as I enjoyed using it and found it an easy program to get used to and also  like it has so many possibilities to use for my FMP. I will defiantly keep using Photoshop in the future as it has so many useful tools that can be used in so many ways.

I would have liked to use 3DS Max more although I struggled whilst using it, as it had some complications that I had to get used to.


I’m happy with how my timeline turned out although I think I could of included some more information but working in Photoshop made this rather difficult as I didn’t want my timeline to be cramped.




Making this helped me remember what my Experiences and Influences are, which will most likely affect me in my decision for my FMP. If I need inspiration for ideas whilst doing my FMP I can look back at this.