Week 5


Sound Dub



How will this task help you to meet the current requirements and parameters of your project?

Doing this task was an introduction to a online program called Bfxr, which could be extremely useful program for later on in my project. We used it to try and reproduce the sounds used in the scene, then had to pick a 30 second clip from it. Doing this task will help a lot with my project since I will use this program again in the future to make sounds for my game.

What research activities did you undertake in order to help you create your sounds and dubs? Were these activities effective? What other research activities could you have undertaken?

The only thing I used for research on this task was the video I was given to dub since there was no other resources I could use to help me research. I did watch it a lot because it was extremely hard to copy the sounds used in the clip.

How will this task help you to plan and organise your work on the current project? (Consider the results of your experiments. What effect did these processes have on the material i.e. the film sequence? How can you use this knowledge in your planning? Were there any problems with either process? How would you factor this into your planning?)

Whilst doing this task there were a lot of files to organise, like our sound files. We organised them in 001 state, as it makes it a lot more easier to locate sounds you want to find.