Week 3

This week we began to work on animations using pixel art. We first discussed animation and how it started off so we looked into the history of it and devices people used to use to see it. A device called the zoetrope was one of the founders of animation. Soon after the zoetrope came around another device called the phenakistoscope was invented which i personally think isn’t animation but more of an illusion and tricking your mind into thinking its a one image when there’s multiple of them. My personal favorite device i’m going to talk about is thbilldouglas-praxinoscope.gif. This is my personal favorite of the three as i think it sort of made an impression on stop animation as it was a collection of images reflected on a mirror which is how animations works. The thaumatrope was an extremely effective but amazing device, it  consisted of a disc with a different picture on each of its two sides, these appearing to combine into one image when the disc is rapidly rotated.







Our own animations.

After we had done our research on the history of animation we was then given the task of  creating our own animations. Doing this helped me get an idea in with what I wanted to do with my main antagonist and protagonist.

Punch Animation


The punch animation was the most simplest in my opinion since it only consisted of two different frames but it acted like a short introduction to animation as it gave me a rough idea of how to do it and acted like a bedrock to the rest of my work.

Jump animation


Doing the jump animation was the most enjoyable for me. used more of a squash and flexible to give the jump more exaggeration.

Advanced jump animation (Personal favorite)


Now this is my favorite out of them all because i feel like it gives my sprite some character like as hes falling back down the front part of his hair rises acting like a toupee for my character. There is 6 frames in this animation giving it 3 more than my normal jump animation.

Walking Animation



Using this video helped me a lot with my final result as it helped me make all my frames to make it look as realistic as it could. I would pause the video at certain points to help me make all the frames for my animation.


I struggled with this task a lot because it was a lot harder than i thought so i decided to do my own research by recording someone walking in slow motion so i could break it down easier.

Final Team logo.

As a team we all decided to have this as our final team logo, it was a fair vote and i’m happy with the result. As for our name we voted last week to have the name Pantheon.



Task 1: Audio research – retro game sounds

What were the most important developments in game sound between early games and the 16 bit era?

Bringing out consoles that supported more and more voices was always a big step as that usually made the game experience more enjoyable. One of the first 32-bit consoles to come out was the 3DO which was the first to offer 32-bit sound.

What were the main limitations of consoles in this period?

The early consoles were limited to have only sound playing or the game since the processor didn’t have enough power to support both but that was soon over when the Atari had its own graphics and sound card.

What creative solutions did sound designers develop to solve these problems?

Developers would dynamically re-assign the voices to other wave forms this gave a the illusion that a console would have more voices than it did.

What is a voice? A voice (Channel) is what the older consoles and PC’s used to play sound and if they had only one voice they would only be able to play one sound at a time.


This week really advanced my skills in pixel art, it was also a introduction to learning animation; which can be very useful for future projects and animations.