Introduction to Pixel Art – the Queen

What were the requirements and parameters of this visual-based problem?

We were given a choice of two images (both of the Queen) and then required to create pixel art of her in 3 different styles in 3 different resolutions (16×16, 24×24, 32×32). We should end up with a representation of a game sprite showing the Queen.

What research activities did you undertake to create your solutions to this visual-based problem?

The only content I used for this task was the image supplied to us by Adam but I did use my past experience with pixel art like the Harry Potter task we was given in week 1 including setting up Photoshop for pixel art.

How did you apply your practical skills to solve this visual-based problem? You must include screenshots and discussion of processes.

For this task I used Photoshop (64 bit) and to start everything off this is how I would start a new canvas for each different resolution.


The starter settings for my 16×16 images.


The starter settings for my 24×24 images.


The starter settings for my 32×32 images.

right side.png16X16 Version 1
verison 1.png
16×16 Version 2version 2.png
16×16 Version 3version 2.png
24×24 Version 1version 1.png
24×24 Version 2version 3.png
24×24 Version 3Version 1.png

Version 2.png



Mind-maps and moodboards
MindMapVehicle Moodboard


Characters Vehicle Moodboard

We made these mood boards
and mind map as a visual reference for our project, so it makes it easier when researching in the future. When picking the style of game we wanted this helped a lot.

Individual team names and logos

My team consisted of 6 people being, myself, Josh Shelly, Lars Johnson, Marcus Howard, Samuel Hall and Luke Joeje. After a long discussion about what to name our company we ended up with four names to vote upon, ‘Pantheon’, ‘Abyssal Horizon’, ‘Rainy day games’ and ‘Crimson moon’. We had one vote of all four and ended up have a draw between ‘Rainy day games’ and ‘Pantheon’ so we had another vote and ‘Pantheon’ won by a single vote. Our next task was to decide on two social media platforms to base our company. We decided as a group to use Facebook and Twitter.

Our next task as a group was to all design a logo for our company, in which we would all vote for one that would be on both of our Social media platforms.

This was my design for our logo. I didn’t want nothing too complex so I went with a simple design


Introduction to prevent

Prevent is a cause to stop people from joining extremist groups such as the KKK, Third Reich and Isis etc.

What is Prevent?

Prevent uses Police, schools and colleges and local government to stop youths from joining various extremist groups and makes people aware that it is happening in the UK. They show you how to recognize extremist groups and people who would join them.

How do people become radicalized?

The extremist groups will sometimes use money to bribe younger people to joining their groups but this is just one of the ways the extremist groups will do this. There is a use of social media among these extremist groups which can target the young and vulnerable.

What are the signs that someone is becoming radicalised? 

This be noticed in a number of ways from a change of personality and how they act of even if they suddenly have the most up to date technology or clothes. Their political views might of changed in a bad way which you will be able to notice.

Who can help you if you think someone is becoming radicalised? 

You should try and talk to your safeguarding tutor about this as they will know what to do in a situation like this.

How can you, as a creative student make a difference to help the prevent strategy?

Try to make people more aware using pictures more than words. Using social media can be a great help as a large amount of younger people use it so it can help a great deal to make people aware of it.


A lot of this week focused on getting used to pixel art more and preparing to create sprites for our game. The moodboards and mind maps proved a challenge to me as there honestly wasn’t a lot I could think of to include.