All work for Unit 4


The sound techniques that were used in this is that to add the effect of the creaking wood would involve stepping on some old wooden floors that would give you that nice creaky sound and a more realistic feeling whilst playing. There is almost a slight whole creaking of the bridge and not just the foot steps which adds a better effect to it all. You can hear wind whistling in the background, through the trees. Making the scene feel real and giving it more character. It also works well with walking across the bridge as that is the sort of atmosphere you would get when walking across one.

The clip walking through the woods has many more sounds going on. The wind is much louder as you are surrounded by more trees and its as if you can hear the wind passing through directly. The sound of the grass has a faint rustling but also with the wind still passing through it which adds much more of a atmosphere to the area and environment. The sound of footsteps changes throughout the game-play  for the wood it has a but of a stump but with the added of effect of creaking. Walking on the rail-tracks is a mix of sudden and soft because of the dirt being in-between the tracks adds the exact same effect you would in real life. The music used fits perfectly with the game as the game is a investigation type of game and its a kind of calm and mysterious type of game.

With this popular scene from the first Lord of the rings movie there is a lot more than meets the eye in this scene as there is a lot of clashing of the uruk-hai’s armor in this scene etc. When the scene first starts you can just about hear the river which is near the location where they are, its a nice effect to add to the scene. You can hear a faint rumbling in the background from where the rest of the uruk-hai are following, to make that sound I can’t really think of a perfect way to do it but maybe it could involve hitting a table or something as that could create that kind of rumbling sound.

Clashing of armor and weapons happens all throughout this scene and it seems like a simple sound you could make as you could hit two pieces of metal together, using different types of metals could also be able to create different type of sounds effects. With roaring/ growling sound the uruk-hai make their is lots of type of animals that could make that sound for instance a Tiger, Lion and at one part there is almost a hissing type sound made by one of them which can easily be done by using a Snake or Cat for instance.

Music in this scene goes well as its a sort of dramatic scene and the music is a bit intense and has you wanting to watch more and more and keeps you more intrigued.

Comparing these two videos might be weird but the sounds used in this are both made easier than you thought. Both with constant background noises throughout the entire video and different sounds depending on what’s going on in the scene.


Gingerbread House

Before I even could start making my house I need a idea of how to make it so since my environment is based in 1800’s Germany with a horror genre I done some research into late 1800’s and early 1900’s horror in Germany. I found a piece called “the cabinet of Dr. Caligari” It was a piece of German horror Expressionism.

Image result for the cabinet of dr. caligariImage result for the cabinet of dr. caligari

Looking at these images you can notice one thing, which is they both have old shaped buildings with rather sharp edges so after looking at these images I then needed to do some research into German styled Gingerbread house. I looked into Lebkuchenhaus (Gingerbreadhouse) and i thought that the style of these houses would go well in my environment.

Post image for Lebkuchenhaus (Gingerbread House): Eating GermanyImage result for german gingerbread house
Looking at these houses i really liked the style of them so decided to design my gingerbread house based off these images and research i done into horror in Germany.

Making the house was rather complex as it contained a lot of different shapes that we needed to include when making it. So we started off by making a ChamferBox as they add nice detail and make it look more genuine. After getting my wall sorted out i then needed to think what would hold it together? Which would be Icing so i needed a capsule to act as 1.PNG2.PNG.
I added Noise to the capsule to give it a more realistic look so it could be more of a realistic look. After sorting out the main things of my house i could then start making it.

This is the end result before adding details and a door to my house.4.PNG6.PNG
This is the final result of my house after adding details and a door. I also added one of my previous models i made, i used the candy cane as i thought it made a nice decoration to the house. Some of the things i think i could of done better is try and add some kind of snowy effect on the top of the house but that didn’t really fit well with the genre of my environment so i decided to leave it out. I don’t the house fits the expectations of my horror genre really well but I have added certain effects in my environment to still give it a horror feel.






Apply an understanding of a range of contextual parameters to support own creative development.