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Unit 3

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Key Processes


I think this task was rather simple as it mainly involved research for the different programs that indie developers would use. I discovered that a lot of the game engines are free to use or some talk part of the earnings you get from selling the game like unreal engine.


Games development pipeline (Last of us)

At the start of it all they would need to decide on what type of game they wanted to make so they would need to do some market research in the gaming industry, and they thought a zombie game would be a good idea. The audience for a zombie game would typically be the older age range like 18+ since they would usually show a large amount of gore and swearing.

The next step of this was doing more market research in gaming and finding out what people were playing at the moment and what was popular. The developers would do this by looking at the biggest game at the time and try to base the game off some of the features of them. After completing the market research they decided to make the game open world as people enjoy them type of games.

Now they had the research and the type of audience and the market so they needed to think of a idea for this open world zombie game.They would have to first think of the characters and the information  about the characters. Thinking of the mechanics for the game is a very big part of it.

Pre-production is a very big part making the game since you’re are thinking of the story and mechanics of the game. At this point you would start to gather all your idea and finalize everything and be preparing to go into production. The team of Last of us would being getting all the concept and character art. A storyboard would be made as well so when the team go into production you would use that bring your game to life.


Production is bringing your characters and environment to life using the planning you done in pre-production. You would start by looking at your storyboard you made in pre-production and work from that. There would be a team working on each aspect of the game, there would be a team working on the building the maps and another of the characters and models. Whilst working on this project they would have to work towards a end deadline. A team would be working on the audio of the game as well, this would include writing scripts for the actors of the characters which would then need to be recorded. Some of the things the team would of planned might of have to been changed due to their game engine limitations and the game coming on the PlayStation 4 so they would have to be careful when texturing making sure the console could handle it efficiently.

post production
In this phase of the game you could offer alpha and beta trials of your game to polish out and bugs or glitches in your game so you can release the game with less bugs and glitches. You would offer the game to  IGN, GameSpot, EuroGamer so they would post a reviews to their website which could potentially boost sales when you go to release your game. With the feedback your receive you can change some of the things in your game but you have to be careful since you are trying to meet a deadline.

References – story


Meet the team




Gingerbread House

Before I even could start making my house I need a idea of how to make it so since my environment is based in 1800’s Germany with a horror genre I done some research into late 1800’s and early 1900’s horror in Germany. I found a piece called “the cabinet of Dr. Caligari” It was a piece of German horror Expressionism.

Image result for the cabinet of dr. caligariImage result for the cabinet of dr. caligari

Looking at these images you can notice one thing, which is they both have old shaped buildings with rather sharp edges so after looking at these images I then needed to do some research into German styled Gingerbread house. I looked into Lebkuchenhaus (Gingerbreadhouse) and i thought that the style of these houses would go well in my environment.

Post image for Lebkuchenhaus (Gingerbread House): Eating GermanyImage result for german gingerbread house
Looking at these houses i really liked the style of them so decided to design my gingerbread house based off these images and research i done into horror in Germany.

Making the house was rather complex as it contained a lot of different shapes that we needed to include when making it. So we started off by making a ChamferBox as they add nice detail and make it look more genuine. After getting my wall sorted out i then needed to think what would hold it together? Which would be Icing so i needed a capsule to act as 1.PNG2.PNG.
I added Noise to the capsule to give it a more realistic look so it could be more of a realistic look. After sorting out the main things of my house i could then start making it.

This is the end result before adding details and a door to my house.4.PNG6.PNG
This is the final result of my house after adding details and a door. I also added one of my previous models i made, i used the candy cane as i thought it made a nice decoration to the house. Some of the things i think i could of done better is try and add some kind of snowy effect on the top of the house but that didn’t really fit well with the genre of my environment so i decided to leave it out. I don’t the house fits the expectations of my horror genre really well but I have added certain effects in my environment to still give it a horror feel.



Working in a team evaluation
I enjoyed working in a team when making our game because everyone had a variety of ideas for our game which made it easier during our brainstorming sessions. It helped me get to know some of the other people in my class and made me feel more comfortable around them. The range of ideas we had gave us a lot to work.



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  1. Jenni Blackman marking referred unit 3 – again the work is here Josh, but it is so basic. In one post, you say the work was simple, but then do it so basically, as though you can not be bothered. This work is all graded for your final end of year mark. Please put the effort in consistently and honestly so that you receive the grade you deserve.


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