All my work for Unit 2



Perspective drawing.

With this task i did struggle a bit with it as i’m not that great with free hand drawing but i’m glad i done it as i need to improve my skills with drawing and this helps me a lot with it. Doing this helped me design and finalize my gingerbread house for my environment.


What is Foliage?
Foliage is plants and trees that are in the games. Foliage Is used in all games whether its 2d or 3d, It has been in older games as well such as Sonic when they use palm trees which is still foliage or even the spyro games when they had the grass and bushes.

When you look at foliage in modern games the comparison is amazing when you compare to real life it’s amazing to see how far we have come and realism in games today. This is a screenshot of one of the latest games called Crysis 3. Foliage is used almost everywhere in the game and is a big part of the in game graphics.
ashes two worlds collide.jpg
As you can see this graphics in this game are very realistic and very impressive. If you compare this screenshot to an older game such as Ashes: Two worlds collide you can see the difference and improvement, we have made with Foliage. The Foliage in Crysis is extremely realistic and has come an extremely long way.
This is a screenshot from a game in 2007 called Runescape. The foliage is rather good for the time it came out and is used in a lot of area in the game as the trees are a big part in game as the change throughout the game depending on where you in the game.
Slain is a 2d game that uses Foliage but not normal green trees and grass, they use mostly dead trees and dead grass which makes sense as the game is a horror type game. The trees in this game are like this to have an effect on the user when playing the game. Trees in this take quite a lot of the background space as they are also used as a main source for the graphics in game.

I think foliage has a very big part in any type of game you play as it sets an environment for the player and is also used to make the game look nicer or match the art style of the game. Using foliage in different types of game is very useful like if you were using it in a horror game you could make it so the trees and grass were dead which adds a creepy, spooky atmosphere. You could even dead trees in a game such a fallout as most of it is a wasteland. Adventure and open world games tend to have many types of trees for different season as well, you can have some winter trees some places and summer


Apply design and research tools, methods and skills to record and interpret information and develop ideas for creative production.


Evaluate the effectiveness of design and research tools methods and skills to develop ideas for creative production.