League of legends Is one of the first big free to play games, and one of the first big multiplayer online battle arenas, or MOBAs. It’s a 5v5 style game involving five roles and has over 130 champs to choose from to play in all the roles. Every single champion has a unique skill set and abilities so each player can pick a champ suitable for them.  Now five years old, League of Legends is an established game that has worked out its early problems, bugs, and balance issues. Players will find it visually attractive and appreciate the broad selection of characters. Plus, the low computer-specification requirements and free to play nature of the game make for a low barrier to entry. This game is popular for a reason.

League of legends has had a lot of cinematic’s Since release so here’s the most popular ones. Some are made for events or new champions.

My personal Favorite.

Another popular one.

For the World Championships 2014.